How come tweets with polls don’t display the poll at all in the tweet view? I understand if they can’t vote but there should at least be some sort of indication that it’s a poll.


Hey @DanielCHood,

Great question and currently, polls aren’t part of the Twitter API which is why they’re not displayed. IF you want them, you could consider using a webview.



Unfortunately the ability to display or indicate the presence of a poll is not currently a part of the API. I believe I provided a more detailed response on another thread with you a couple of months back - we’re aware of the desire to display polls but have been working on other things.


Yes, I knew they weren’t included in the API. Just being new to fabric I was surprised it wasn’t included in that either though I guess it makes sense that it relies on the API.


Thanks for the tip. I may give that a try but I’m skeptical that it may not feel right.