Poll Support



Are we ANY closer to getting a solution for polls?


There is nothing new on this topic at present. Polls in the API would require a full cards implementation available, as well as potentially the ability to vote in polls (which could be open to abuse by robots) and also to read the poll data on completion.

I’m curious to know what specific priority you have in mind of the above three implementation details, and why the existing functionality in the Twitter native apps and website are not suitable for your use case? Thanks for the feedback!


I’m waiting for poll support as well, mostly the ability to create polls not vote on them. One of the features my app offers my users is to schedule posts, I’ve noted polls get a lot of engagement/votes but I have to manually do it each time. Would be nice to offer it as a tool within my site.


Even if we can’t have polls natively in other apps other than the official and websites, could we at the very least have an indication in the API payload that there is a poll attached to that tweet so that we could link to the Tweet.

At the moment all we get are meaningless Tweets without context because they relate to a poll we don’t even know exists.

The other thing that would be useful, if cards were not going to be exposed, of concerns over robots for submitting a poll, would be to expose the current results for a poll and let the app decide whether to link to the poll on Twitter website for example?


However I’d also be curious to know if cards were on the roadmap in the API, after all they exist in the API already, although maybe not at scale, just not available outside the official app ecosystem


This is all useful feedback - I’ll pass along and see what we can do around prioritisation or updates, but as you know these things sometimes move slowly based on other things in progress. Thanks!


My biggest wish out of a potential Titter poll api would be to retrieve results data upon completion. Twitter polls are unique and interesting datasets.


That’s good to know, thank you.

The good news is that poll data is now available in the enterprise APIs as a free enrichment.

As we build out the new APIs we recently announced, I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to bring these kinds of enrichments to the other API tiers. There’s no guarantee of that, but keep an eye on the roadmap for what is coming.


It’s a shame it’s not available even in a read only state to the public rest api as most of can’t afford the enterprise api products.

Hope it comes eventually


Poll results would be great


Is there any way to get poll data without an enterprise API? I’m a student getting into the Twitter API trying to create a poll tweet and retrieve the results. The enterprise API sounds great but I’m, uh, a bit strapped for cash.

I understand the concern with auto-voting, but I’d like to be able to poll something for my app’s followers, then get those results from the tweet’s data to automatically do something on my end. From my research it seems forum users have requested something like this for a couple years.


The enterprise (and paid premium) search API only provides the poll options attached to a Tweet, not the results, and offers no assistance with poll creation.

We currently have no plans to offer poll creation as part of the API, but watch https://t.co/roadmap for future updates.