Poll support for rest api


If API access is not available at this time, can we at least have a way of exporting poll data? (CSV, json, etc etc).


I am also interested in having the polls questions and answers in Twitter Stream APIs. Although it will be like retweet and favorite numbers almost always zero because they are just streamed, it would be very helpful to know the question and the options for answers.

Polls on Twitter will allow users to just tweet for the sake of polling purposes. Therefore, if the stream contains these tweets without the poll details it will reduce the productivity of those tweets and harder to analyze.

Great idea and thanks for being open to having it in your APIs.


Great point! I agree. A simple boolean to define if tweet is a poll or not should be simple enough.


please add polls feature to API reponse. it hurts me everyday =(


I was surprised with complete absence of polls info in API response. Add it, please.


+1 really hoping for API support for this!


As a user of things like Tweetbot, the fact that it’s not even possible to tell if something is a poll, so I can view it in the official client, is annoying.

The API response should at least include a boolean to indicate if it’s a poll or not – even if this is just a shunt until better support comes along.


Thanks for the feedback, we understand that this is something that people are interested in, and we are looking at what we can provide in the future.


Something new about this case? New year maybe an update will be nice.


Hey Caio, thanks for asking - I only posted 4 days ago previously and most of us have been on vacation over the holiday period. We really understand that the current situation is not great for API consumers so we are looking into it, but I can’t provide a timeframe as to when (or what) might change here. Appreciate your patience!


While I can see the reason why this was done, especially for 3rd party Twitter clients this leads to a very problematic user experience as there is no way to know if a Tweet is a poll or not and sometimes causes very weird situations where a Tweets nearly makes no sense at all.
As it was with GIF’s, what you should have done is to provide some fallback for the API, a link users can click on to see the poll or something. How it currently is, it’s extremely broken and annoying.
I know Twitter isn’t really focused on 3rd party clients at all, but not providing any fallback is just a very very bad move.


Totally understand the frustration - actually, initially TweetDeck was impacted as well.

Please be patient and we would hope to have at least a minimal solution / fallback might be available soon.


We have a lot of media customers who are looking for this functionality, fwiw.


Okay no problem, we can wait. But this feature was first asked 5 months ago !

Instead of replacing the fav button by a like button, please add this feature, I don’t think that is so complicated.


I think twitter got the message already and they don’t need any further reminders that this is not done yet.

Any extra messages here are being read mostly by people who aren’t twitter employees and who subscribed to this topic to hear about updates. And I’m kinda tired of reading “me too” posts instead of actual updates.

So, everyone, please don’t post anything else to this thread until there are actual news from twitter. Please.


+1 to this feature. Really looking forward to it.
A big roadblock right now is not knowing which tweet was a poll or not.


Please, pay attention to this, it’s a bit annoying getting all the unread notifications for this, even if there are no news at all about that.


Piling on the support for this feature. It’ll be great to offer a poll on Twitter and be able to consolidate poll results from our own site.


Yes. We are aware of the desire to have API support for polls. I don’t have anything to share today about it but please be assured that this is a known request.

To avoid continued “+1 / please give us this API” comments flooding people with notifications, I am reluctantly going to close off this thread. We are very aware of a desire to get data from such an API and when we have news to share it will be via the forums, our @twitterapi handle, and our documentation.