Political #hashtag Auto-Spamming of URL Content?


Just wished to check if “Political #hashtag Auto-Spamming of URL Content” was within the rules and policies of twitter API, such as that used by @zaclynews where content tweet is generated every 60 seconds on the #Auspol hashtag ?


I don’t see anything problematic with the tweets from @zaclynews when it comes to our API policies. There’s some relevant info in the Twitter Automation Rules and Best Practices.


I didn’t think political tweets in Australia were permitted but I’m happy to stand corrected and re-read the policies.
Thanks for your reply and information, I look forward to participating more within Twitter.


I did notice a “pattern of repeatedly reposting others’ content without attribution” which also led to annoying behaviour for some users as the tweets and/or images are not entirely truthful and misleading in many aspects.
Thanks again, I don’t mean to tell you how to administer your policies
Have a nice day!


Understood. Obviously we don’t want to get into the business of deciding what’s true or not. One might even argue that “not entirely truthful and misleading in many aspects” is par for the course in the realm of politics.


Hello, I agree with you.
Where is the line drawn between spam and harassment. It would seem auto-tweeting every 30 seconds on up to 50+ troll accounts can cause issues on trending hashtags.
Again, I’m just bring this to your attention.
Best regards,