Policy update clarification - research use cases



We love seeing the amazing work academics are able to do with Twitter data, and want to make sure our policies strike the right balance of enabling research use cases, while protecting our users and our platform.

Since publishing updated versions of the Developer Policy and Agreement (that go into effect on June 18), we’ve heard feedback from members of the academic research community about a change to rules around sharing Tweet IDs, and we wanted to answer several questions we’ve received about this issue.

First - Per the policy, any developer can request to distribute more than 1,500,000 Tweet IDs to a single entity within a 30 day period. Please submit these requests via the Platform Support form in the Help Center.

Second - Researchers affiliated with an accredited academic institution e.g. via a member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, remain able to share an unlimited number of Tweet IDs for non-commercial research purposes, subject to all of the other provisions and rules of the Developer Policy and Agreement.

Please note that any use of Twitter data, including for research purposes, remains subject to all parts of the Developer Policy and Agreement.

Please use the Rules and Policies category for questions related to these statements.

Release of twitter data for research purposes