Policy Question for Potential App




My web team has been testing an application that leverages Twitter’s realtime feed API, and after reviewing Twitter’s API usage policies it appears that what we’re doing is acceptable, but I would like to confirm it here as well just to clear.

Here’s a general overview of our business:

I work for a manufacturing company that operates in a 3-step distribution model, so we make products and then sell to distributors who in turn sell down to local contractors / pros / dealers.

Here’s the basis of what the app does:

  1. The app taps into Twitter’s tweet stream API, and listens for certain words, phrases, and hashtags that our business views as relevant.
  2. The app then temporarily stores those tweets in a MongoDB, and then the app filters that temporarily stashed data for exact phrase matches, and tags those specific tweets.
  3. All tweets not tagged or marked with exact phrase matches are then deleted from said database.
  4. For each tweet that is tagged, we then try and see if a valid / reasonable location is available, i.e., ‘Chicago, IL’, or even, ‘IL’, so that we can determine a general location.
  5. For all tweets that pass that location filter process on our end, we then are on to our final step of the app.
  6. Each tweet that passes both of those internal filters are displayed in a simple dashboard to the end user - who would be a contractor / pro / dealer - so that they can click a link to each tweet which would then log the contractor into Twitter under their own Twitter business account so that they could reply to the original Twitter user.
  7. That ends the process of the application.

Here’s the two methods of how we are interested in distributing the application:

  1. We would like to pilot this by providing our app to a few contractors so that they can install the app on their own server. Is this allowable under Twitter’s API policies if we were to distribute the app as software to our contractors so that they can use this tool?
  2. We also have an interest in potentially selling this application to contractors at some point, if that is allowable as well.

In summary, we are interested in ensuring the app we’ve built passes Twitter’s API developer and usage policies, and we’d also be interested in our two proposed distribution options as we want to make sure we are within the policy boundaries.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you in advance for the assistance.