Policy clarification - multiple applications for the same use case



One of the most common policy infringements we see is the creation of multiple applications for the same use case (see section I.F.5.a in the Developer Policy). In an effort to keep the Twitter ecosystem safe and secure, and the developer platform stable and fair for all, we’ve recently expanded how we enforce these policies. To help you ensure your use of the APIs is compliant with our policies, we wanted to share some additional guidance on this subject.

Creating multiple applications for identical, similar, or substantially overlapping use cases, or for the purpose of circumventing Twitter’s API usage limits, is not permitted. This applies whether the applications are registered to a single Twitter user account, or across multiple accounts. Any Twitter account associated with duplicative applications may be subject to enforcement action, including suspension.

Offering the same service to multiple end users using multiple API applications is not permitted. For example, if your service allows brands to monitor and respond to mentions, you should use a single application for all your end users (who each authenticate with your app using OAuth). Each authenticated user is subject to per-user and per-app API usage limits as applicable. Developers should never request that end users register and provide their own Twitter application consumer keys and secrets to their application in an effort to circumvent this, which may result in enforcement action against both the developer and their users.

As a single exception to these rules, the use of a maximum of 3 applications for development, staging, and production instances of the same service is permitted. These apps should be registered to a single user account, and should be clearly identified (in the name and description) as dev, staging, and prod instances of a single service.

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