PNG transparency



I’m uploading a image with “” and linking to a tweet (using Unity 3D). At end of the process, i notice that the PNG transparency was not respected, but doing this with “” in the API Console Tool, all seems to be fine.

Also, report that when sending a 144x144 PNG it appears with strange white strokes on the transparent part that became black.

I would like to know what i might be doing wrong, or if is a twitter API issue.

Image above (white background), API Console Tool test
Image bellow (black background), upload.json with unity 3D test


Thanks for this - I’ll mention it to the photos team and see whether they are aware of this as an issue.


Sorry for the delayed response. We’re looking into this.

Are you able to share the original image (a URL where I could download it would be fine) - currently we are unable to tell whether this is something specific to the image, something that is happening in Unity, or one of the Twitter API endpoints.



The image showing problem with transparency:

The image showing strange white strokes:

Thanks for the response!


Hi Andy,
I can’t seem to find any info or way to upload a 400x400 or 500x500 Twitter profile image PNG and keep the transparency… Has Twitter completely dropped support for transparency in profile images?
I have tried to upload via the following methods:
Twitter iOS app
TweetBot iOS app
Google Chrome (desktop PC)
Internet explorer (desktop PC)
Flickr API (via IF)
Is there anything else I can try?


To be honest I don’t know whether transparency has ever been preserved in profile images.


Any thanks so much for the reply! :smiley:

There was definitely some glorious period where was supported at least!! … My header photo is still supporting it now and my profile pic definitely retained transparency even when I uploaded a large file!! :frowning:
I miss it!! I just wish it was easier to find out more about these little details… :frowning:

Thanks again for the response and take care