.png profile picture always converts to .jpg


Every time I upload a profile picture as .png, twitter converts it to a .jpg with compression artifacts. This is the picture I’m currently trying to use. I’ve tried versions with smaller dimensions, larger dimensions, with and without transparency - all have the same problem.

I see other users with profile pictures that are .png, many of whom have larger dimensions and are twice the file size. Forgive me if I’m missing something; I’ve looked but I can’t find any other instances of this problem occurring.


Just to clarify - which API endpoint are you using to upload your image file, and can you provide the code snippet you are using?


To be honest I don’t really know the specifics; I’m actually an intern writing this on behalf of one of our developers, so I’ll try to get him to explain the problem in more detail. I can tell you that I’m also experiencing this every time I upload a new profile photo just going to twitter.com.

Sorry if that’s not helpful - I can try to elaborate if you need more information. I’ve also submitted this as a bug report.


OK - if this is an issue with the website you’ll need to use support.twitter.com. We’d need a more detailed technical description from a developer to offer help here. Thanks.


The same problem in 2018: https://twitter.com/telegram — as you can see a profile image of this account is *.PNG

Let’s try just for example:

  1. download and save it: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/519176711393406977/m6BFtJQW_400x400.png
  2. and now upload it to your own profile: PNG will be converted to JPG — why?