PLEASE help...tweet count always shoing zero... curl -I returns HTTP/1.1 200 OK


My page is at

(all internal pages) shows tweet count as zero.

HOWEVER, there is another tweet button at the footer which seems to counting ok. The footer tweet button is fixed to the main domain ( and the other tweet button takes the url parameter dynamically.

The dynamically generated code (for the one which dosent counts)



any help ?


There are times when a site is down or otherwise not available at the time our crawler reaches out to identify the site – when this happens, it can get “stuck” in believing that the URL is not valid and cannot begin counting again until it gets “unstuck” – unfortunately, there’s no way we can “unstick” it for you when this happens.

We’re working on a better model for this that will actively retry URLs it may encounter issues previously with.


does that mean it will remain zero tweets for ever ? :frowning: phew


me too having same issue. we all tweeted but it still shows count as zero :frowning:


Same problem! Twitter button on my site show 0, but in the test environment is correct … and the code for the button is identical!
Any idea?