Please help my account was compromised!


Hi guys,

On 8/8/11 my twitter account was hacked into. My old username @kevinkennethlau was replaced with @cashmoniesltd. Somehow they were able to change my username and my email settings completely blocking me out of my account. I have tried to contact twitter via (at least 5-6 times), emailing them at, calling them on their main support line, asking my friends to retweet the issue, and even asking for any contacts that knew people at work for twitter for assistance in this matter.

I use twitter for business and not just for fun. It’s a main source of traffic and exposure for me. If I can get any help on this I would be greatly appreciative. And I understand that this support forum is for API related issues but I have received 0 responses back from any of my attempts to get an answer back. Not even a “we got your message and looking in on this.” Again any help I can receive I would welcome it! Thank you for your time!


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