Please give an option to switch back to old twitter layout


The new twitter layout is a turn off for the users. If you look at various dicussions on this website, you will agree that at least 80% of the users agree with me. Here is an option where we could have the cake and eat it too. Please give users the option to revert back to old twitter. Twitter is the medium for our freedom of speech, our freedom to express, our freedom to follow anyone we want. In other words Twitter is our democracy and democracy is by the people, for the people and of the people. Please give the people , the right to choose the option they would like to use.

Header Image: The new layout makes the header page looks so uselessly huge, it’s like sitting at Imax and watching a Katherine Heigl film. Most people don’t know where to get 1500x500 pixels header image. A lot of people are still using their old header image that is pretty zoomed and looks clustered.

Tweets: Tweets which tend to get many retweets and favorites, turn up huger in our profile page, which is a turn off since we don’t want to highlight our tweets that our famous only we want all our tweets to get the same attention. The tweets should be unanimous in size. Even if a user wants to highlight a tweet, he/she can pin the tweet.

Follows: People whom I chose to follow are seen on my profile page which are seen between my tweets. This looks ugly and hazy. My tweets should be one after the other and the follows should be in different sections.

Layout: The new layout looks exactly like another social media website which majority of the people have quit. People don’t want to be reminded of that website. The only reason people left that website was because of constant change. Twitter should concentrate on the features rather than layouts like choosing multiple direct messages and deleting them in a single click or including an option to view only the user’s tweets and excluding the retweets.

The only motto twitter should have is, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. I just hope I am not left unheard by the developers like most of the users were left.

Any of you who feels the same, please sign my petition to request twitter to revert back to old twitter as an option for the user. I am posting the link below.