Please Elaborate on the new Bulk Tweets and Spam rules


So i’m not a Developer or anything just i didn’t know where else to go and i really need more clarification on the new Spam and Bulk rules, i understand it but i don’t know 100% what they mean, i know that the new rules are like interconnected with each other and they count towards every person on Twitter now because we’re considered not just people but also Content Creators no matter who we are or the purpose of our Twitter profile and your definitely holding us to a MUCH higher standard, but i just need some clarity about what’s aloud, nobody else seems to know exactly what you mean either including developers and i like to read these because i do understand a bit about coding, just tid bits here and there, i’ve gone through other posts but your still not elaborating.

How many Tweets can i post to a single Tweet on someone else’s profile and on my own profile? what’s considered too much? more than 1 or 2 Tweets on the same subject? and what about this “Substantially similar content” rule? which btw is the bit that is catching everybody out constantly which i was locked out 3 times for, we don’t know what your limit is on Substantially, i get that it means at a greater amount but what’s YOUR definition Twitter of a greater amount? i understand these rules count to ALL Tweets including on our own profile but i can’t know what you mean if you don’t elaborate of what your definition is, can we Tweet about the same subject once every 2 or 3 days? while all our other Tweets are about different things? if you elaborate for us then we can understand how much or little we can post about the same subject and we can’t always talk about a different thing 24/7 that’s just impossible… we’re already now having to keep track of what we Tweet about so we don’t talk too much about the same subject so we’ve already got our work cut out for us.


Hi there -

Thanks for your note. This forum is here to assist developers building integrations with questions about the rules around the developer platform. We recommend that you work with the Twitter Support team via if you have further questions about what is or is not allowed as part of regular usage of the platform.

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