Please close my account




Close account!!!


See [support:15358, title=“How to deactivate your account”] for information on how to accomplish this.


Any chance my account could be deleted or deactivated immediately?


please close my moving


Close account


Just dont want it maybe another. Time


close account


I just want to close my account!


God is a wounderful God


can you delete my account now please ASAP!!!


I would like my account on here deleted pls not twitter but this site cos every time i post a reply on this site a different name shows up and photo that isnt mine and dont know how its happening?


ps ple delete my replies after u read them


Please Twitter developers delete all of my comments on here it still holds my old picture on here and im not happy about it


Please delete my name and photo off this site I would appreciate it, thank you


Hi can my old twitter gaza_princess86 be deactivated? I can’t figure out what emails I used… I have tried many times. Can you do it for me?


Can my old page I had in college be deleted? @gaza_princess86
I cant seem to get in it to deactivate it
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi can you deactivate or delete permanently my old twitter account @gaza_princess86