Please add BELARUS to the country-list


It’s many twitter users from Belarus (Repubic of Belarus), but this country is missing in the settings of the twitter.
Belarus, officially the Republic of Belarus, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest. Population: 9,468,154

Here were born:
Tadeŭš Kasciuška - Born in Belarus in 1746, Kasciuška is considered a national hero in America, Belarus and Poland for his leadership in the American Revolutionary War and the uprising against Imperial Russia and the Prussian Empire in 1794.
Barbara Radzivill - Grand Duchess, Queen of Poland
Leŭ Sapeha - A political and military figure, the Hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, a diplomat, a philosopher. One of the main founders of the Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (1588), which was actually the first European Constitution.
Ihnat Damiejka Born in Belarus in 1802. Damiejka was a well-known geologist who spent most of his life in Chile where he became a national hero. He is officially recognised by UNESCO for his achievements.
Ivan (Jan) Čerski An outstanding geographer, a geologist, a famous explorer of Siberia, whose name was given to numerous geographical places. Born in 1845, in the Svolna Estate, Viciebsk Province.
Mikalaj Sudziloŭsky (Nicholas Russell) An ethnographer, a geographer, a chemist, a biologist, a genetic doctor, the first president of the Hawaii State Senate. Born to an impoverished noble family in 1850 in Mogilev. From 1892 Nikolai lived in Hawaii where he fought for the rights of the locals.
Alaksandar Čyžeŭski Born in the Harodnia region in 1897, Čyžeŭski was an acclaimed scientist who studied the biological effects of the sun and universe, including how solar activity maps to periods of war throughout history.
Safija Kavaleŭskaja The first female Professor of Mathematics, descended from the Belarusian noble family. She spent her childhood in the Palibino Estate, Viciebsk Province. At the age of 18 Sofia entered into a fictive marriage to move abroad and to do science. Safija Kavaleŭskaja is the author of numerous papers on mathematical analysis, mechanics and astronomy.
Paval Suchoj An aerospace engineer, an inventor, one of the creators of supersonic jets, a
designer of more than 50 original aircraft solutions, more than 30 of which have been constructed and tested. Born in 1895, in the town of Glybokaje, Viciebsk Region.
Michal Vysocki An outstanding scientist and designer, who has overseen the development of the best MAZ vehicles, for decades he was the general designer in charge of Belarusian automobiles. Author of over 450 research papers, including 134 inventions and 17 patents. Hero of Belarus (2006). Born in the village of Siemiežava, Minsk Voblasć (1928).
Zhores Alfieraŭ Born in Viciebsk in 1930, Alfieraŭ won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2000.
Napaleon Orda A painter, a composer. Napoleon Orda was born in the village of Varacevičy, Pinsk Ujezd (District). Napoleon Orda made more than 1,000 sketches of the buildings in Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, France, which has become a priceless source of information for architects and restorers in Europe. In 2007, Napoleon Orda’s 200th anniversary was added to the UNESCO Memorial Calendar List.
Vincent Dunin-Marcinkevič Writer, founder of the new Belarusian literature and professional dramaturgy, creator of the first Belarusian theater group, actor. The 200th anniversary of the birth of Vincent Dunin-Martsinkevich was included in the UNESCO Memorable Dates Calendar in 2008.
Michal Kleafas Ahinski A diplomat, politician, participant of the Kasciuška Uprising and a talented composer. He wrote his famous polonaise Farewell to the Homeland
in the Ahinski family estate in Zalessie (Haradzienskaja Vobłasć). The 250th birthday of Michal Kleafas Ahinski has been included into the UNESCO Calendar of Events for 2014-2015.
Francysk Skaryna Born in Połack in 1486. Skaryna is most famous in Belarus for translating the Bible into Belarusian.
Saint Euphrosyne Born in the 12th century, Euphrosyne is considered the patron saint of Belarus. Descended from a noble family, she became a nun at the age of 12 and spent her life helping the poor and building churches and monasteries across Belarus. She died on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and her relics were returned to Belarus in 1910.
Ruslan Salej One of the best sportsmen in Belarus’ hockey history, captain of Belarus’
national team. Ruslan Salej is Belarus’ first ice hockey player to be promoted to the Stanley Cup Finals.


Thanks for the feedback! This is certainly not a deliberate omission, I’ve travelled a lot myself and I’m aware of a few other countries that are not yet represented in Twitter APIs or settings. This is something we continue to work to expand, so we appreciate your patience.

Note that this is a developer forum so we address API questions here rather than feedback related to the website.


Thanks alot for your answer! Where should I appeal for adding Belarus to the country list on the website?


Well it isn’t a question of “appealing” - until we have built in the relevant support into our geo databases we can’t offer that option on the web user interface. We don’t have a site for submitting ideas for the web UI. So at this stage I suggest you’ll have to be patient while we roll out more support for additional countries :passport_control:


Ok. I hope my country will appear in the “twitter country-list”. Viva Belarus!