Player for audio stream




When I share an url like with a twitter:player and a twitter:player:stream, it works fine in twitter website with my own player.

But in twitter apps it does not work :

  • Android : I see the thumbnail with play button. When I click on this button this open my player url in chrome. No stream player embedded.
  • IOS : I see the thumbnail with play button too but when I click on this button, this does nothing.

Do you have any idea to play this audio stream in Twitter mobile apps ?



Up !


My guess is it has to do with your twitter:player:stream URL. Specifically, when I open the page, I get this URL:

Which, when I put it in a browser, it gives me a safety warning:

When I ignore the safety warning, I get an error page:

Lastly, when I expand in web, I get a bad page:


Thank you for you reply.
We just fixed the stream URL to force http protocol and the player page that returned an error for some cases.
However I just share this url on my twitter :
The card is OK on website but in the mobile apps (tested on android and iphone), I don’t see any card :frowning:


Have you successfully streamed .m4a files in a Player Card in the past? Someone with more knowledge of Player Cards can confirm, but the reference section in the docs states that only video and audio in .mp4 containers are supported for the twitter:player:stream value.

I can confirm as well that the twitter:player URL is opened on mobile instead playing the streaming media file, which I believe is the behavior if either (1) twitter:player:stream and twitter:player:stream:content_type are not defined OR (2) the defined stream content is not supported.


Our streamed files provide from apple music so I can’t have .mp4 files.

The audio card does not display my own player on my android device (Asus Zenfone2).

Here 2 screenshots :

From the web :

From my android device :

As you can see, for the same tweet, I see the audio card with embedded player on twitter website but I only have link on Android.

My twitter app version : 6.4.0


some precisions :

If I click on tweet in android app I get this view :

Then I click on play icon :

it offers me to open the link in the browser instead of directly pick in the tweet


We do not guarantee in-timeline view for any card, but we experiment regularly.

What you’re seeing is that the web is experiment in-timeline for player card (just a preview), but mobile does not.


I dont’t understand because on @AppleMusic account I can see audio card with player embedded. How can I do that ?