Player cards on Tumblr, a mess if you have a custom domain


Hi! I’ve just begin to validate my tumblr with Twitter Cards and I’ve find out that having a custom domain is a huge problem even when the only difference between a * and custom domain is just the URL name.

As many of you may know, tumblr is fully approved on Twitter cards so there is no need to do nothing if you don’t have a custom theme, everything works like a charm. However if you have a custom domain you have to validate each card and is impossible to validate the player card.

Why is this so? Well, it seems that the url that is being captured on twitter:url is not the one that is really being show, since all of my videos are perfectly ok on PC, Android or iOS.

I’ve made a reblog of a post that it hasn’t been validated because (‘Your card loads on desktop, but not on iOS and Android.’). Of course this post (with exactly the same theme and same twitter card attributes), works 100% OK on my not customized domain tumblr. (Not validated) (validated as is not a custom domain and cards works OK)

What can I do?

Thanks for your time and excuse me for my english.



Hi Carlos,

Card approvals are related to a domain. That’s why you have to validate the player card for Your player card is not being validated because you are not defining these two tags: “twitter:player:stream” and “twitter:player:stream:content_type”. We use these to load a video player on mobile devices. Since you are using YouTube, your twitter:player:stream value is the same as the twitter:player tag. Add these tags and resubmit your player card for approval: