Player cards in new validation tool?


Is the validator currently working for Player cards? I had a Player card that I was preparing to submit for approval, and it worked well with the validator on the site a couple of weeks ago, but it looks totally different in the current validator.

Previously, my player iframe appeared in the card preview, as I expected. Now, I get a non-functional generic HTML5 player instead. I haven’t specified a “twitter:player:stream” value, since the documentation lists it as optional, and I don’t have content available in any of the listed formats (I have MP3 rather than MPEG-4/AAC audio). The validator lists it as Required, though, which is odd. especially since the hint text provided for it in the validator implies that it is indeed optional.

Why isn’t my frame being rendered like it was earlier?


FWIW, a card that I know works just fine – the Soundcloud player card – does the same thing in the new validator. Try this URL:

and instead of getting the nice frame with Soundcloud’s distinctive waveform display, you get a generic, non-functional HTML5 player with some cover art.


Experiencing the same problem, player card doesn’t display the iframe within the validator only the placeholder image


Yep same issue here. This used to work before they updated the validator when the new card types got released.


Having the same issue myself?
Hate twitter where they just change without any consideration to developers. Thought fb was evil to developers but now not feeling the love from twitter either.