Player Cards: Improved security and faster approval times



We strive to maintain a secure and dynamic platform for our developer community and all of our users. Today we’re announcing some important changes to the Player Card. By improving security and speeding up approval times for this tool, you can now more safely and quickly deliver rich media to users across the globe.

Improved security
Player Cards have always rendered third party media players in an iFrame on Now we’ll enforce sandboxing on the iFrame for all newly approved publishers of the Player Card. Practically speaking, the most significant impact of sandboxing is that it disallows plugins such as Flash and Silverlight. We encourage the use of HTML5 players instead, which have the added benefit of working on mobile browsers.

To check whether your player will work, we’ve provided this test environment. Once that’s done, simply follow our Player Card approval instructions.

Faster approval times
Along with this Player Card security improvement, we’re pleased to announce a much speedier approval process. Player Cards used to take up to one week to be reviewed by our approval team. Now, submissions that meet all security and policy requirements will be approved in a maximum of one business day.

No action required
If you have existing Player Cards that use plug-ins, don’t worry! All Player Cards created prior to Aug. 11, 2015 will be unaffected. However, we highly suggest migrating to HTML5 based players at your convenience. All new Player Cards will be sandboxed and will benefit from improved security and faster approval times.

We’re excited to hear your feedback. If you have technical questions, be sure to ask in the Cards Forum or reach us @TwitterDev.

(Please visit the Cards category for questions around this announcement.)

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