Player card WARN: Not whitelisted issue



Hi there, I am trying to validate some player card code that my developer has added to my site, when I add the url of the page to validate, it can see the tags… but gives a WARN: Not whitelisted error… I’m at a loss as to why… Any help that can be given would be brilliant.

Example page url is


You don’t have a twitter:card tag on that site (although you do have a bunch of others). You need to add that before you can have the Validator recognise you have a player card ready to be validated.


Ok, we removed that because when it was on the page, and I used the validator, it picked up this metatag "content=“summary_large_image” instead of this one content=“

Some pages have large images, some pages have video…

How do we deal with that?


No easy way to deal with this unless you have a plugin for your CMS that can make intelligent choices about what kind of card you need. You can only have one card type per URL / page.

For a Player card, you will need twitter:card content="player" and not a Vimeo URL, though.


Hi Andy, we have tried again, but… am still getting the error… are we still making a mistake?



Not sure why it doesn’t want to render the card at this point, but you do have the right tags in place to apply for whitelisting via the request approval button. Not sure what is going on with the preview.


Ok, thanks Andy, I have submitted :slight_smile: