Player card validation problem


Continuing the discussion from Invalid value for iOS twitter Card App and starting a new topic as this is NOT an App Card question:

Unfortunately I am not able to load the link you’ve got in the validator to check the markup. Do you still have this issue? please provide a web link.


It’s not not a link to my player card it’s a link to the screen captur I uploaded so extend it to see

But I figured out what probably my problem is my site is http not https

So please tell my what would occour on the validateer when my site http


Twitter Player cards require that all content is loaded over HTTPS.


Okey I have 1 questions to you please answer me. Thanks

When I want to start a new conversation with twitter messenger even when he follows me this is what happen extend for the screen captur


I’m afraid this is not a question related to Cards or the Twitter API and I cannot help with with that here. I hope we’ve been able to clarify your Cards question. Thanks.

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