Player Card Support : You need to reapply for a Twitter card


Dear Friends,

I have already submitted for Twitter card and it has been approved. But now i am working on getting my Player card approved. When i validate i got verified for all the mandatory Tags. But when i have submitted to twitter team for approval they have rejected me twice with a note “The URL you provided for to use the player card did not validate. Please make sure the page contains valid metadata, then reapply for a Twitter card”

I would like to know the reason for my twitter player card rejection.


Thank You



I am facing same issue, my player card is successful, but the site can’t approved, instead they keep asking me to re-apply for Twitter card.

MY URL is:



I am also facing a similar issue. I’ve applied twice already, both being rejected. The latest rejection was: Please make sure the page contains valid metadata, then reapply for a Twitter card.

Example URL:



We applied for serveral card types and all were accepted except the player card. The validator tool states that all meta data are set correctly but unfortunately we received an email asking us to reapply because of invalid meta data.

Could someone please take a look into the meta data and help us with the issue? Please find below our meta data and an example url:

Example URL:,gamonaspieltplantsvszombiesfinal-wmv:video,2419451.html

Thank you for your help.
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Hi @StudioFlicks, Upon testing the URL provided, the player card does not render on web. Please review your tags and resubmit to our validator ( If you need to discuss further feel free to create a ticket at


Hi @henryli9999, The test videos provided do not play on Android or iOS. The experience must work within all Twitter clients (including,, Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android) Once these issues have been resolved, please resubmit your Player Card to our validator (


Hi @hdtrailers, It appears your domain was approved on March 19. Please let me know if you’re continuing to run into issues.


Hi @faryion, It looks like one of our agents has responded to your support ticket regarding this issue today. Please let me know if you need additional assistance.


Hi there, I need to validate every single url on my site?


No, if a root domain is whitelisted (e.g., *, then the subdomains will be whitelisted as well.



I have a similar issue while trying to validate my player card. Here’s the link I tested it over all the platforms and devices, but in the last answer, support wrote that it isn’t working on IOS devices.

Could someone help me. I’am trying to validate it since last february


Hello @aaronhoff !
I have a similar problem with the summary card. My site has tags but not approved. He was attentive to his response. Thank you very much.