Player Card Status Tracker?


Is there a site/tool where we can track the status of a Player Card submission. We submitted ours a few days ago and was just curious how it’s coming along, thanks!


Hi @MyPornProfile, It appears that your player card submission was rejected on April 2nd because it did not render on web. Please recheck your meta tags and resubmit through the cards validator tool.


Hi Aaron, thank you for the update. We’ll get on this right away and resubmit!


Hey Aaron, I’ve had my developer check it on desktop, iOS and Android and everything appears to be working fine without any changes.

Do you have any details about what the exact issue is? We’re getting all green in the validator as well.


Hi Aaron,

We fixed the mixed content in the iframe.

If you could fast-track our re-submission we would be grateful. Thanks!


Your latest submission does not render on iOS or Android. You can respond directly to the support email to correspond with the Analyst handling your submission.


Thanks Aaron, we were given the option to whitelist for a few days so we can figure this out. I replied to the email a few hours ago, any chance you can give us the green light on that so we can get started, thanks!


Hi Aaron, we were whitelisted for 3 days and worked out all the bugs. My developer just resubmitted our request, please have a look and verify. Thanks a million!


Hi, we were whitelisted for a few days and have worked out all the issue. Card application resubmitted earlier today.


Great to hear that this is moving along! Feel free to respond to the support email to communicate directly with the Analyst testing your card.