Player Card: Should I see it working outside the validator?


My card was rejected because it supposedly didn’t ‘load on any platform’, however I see it validating fine… Is it supposed to be displaying properly in places outside of the validator (ie if I tweet out the link, should I see it load/work in the iOS client?)

My card link:

Case# 15693275


@jbulava any help would be greatly appreciated.


Not 100% sure, but do you:

1.) Not auto-start
2.) Have play/pause buttons on the experience?

Those are the most common for it being denied.

It will not appear on Twitter until it is approved.


@rchoi Thank you for your response. It has auto start (videos are 10 seconds max) and clicking anywhere pauses - same functionality as the Vine player.

Do you have any more information than the documentation on how I’m supposed to test in native platforms? The rejection message says:

“Test your experience across all Twitter clients, including Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps, as well as and

The only thing I can think of is that the codec info in the meta data is incorrect. Would this be something that would cause errors in platforms I am unable to test in?

  • Works in the validator
  • Direct player link works on desktop
  • Direct player link works on mobile

I dont know that I can test any more than that?


Hi @jonatisokon, your Card meta tags work well for me on all platforms. I’m inquiring with the team that handles Card approvals for more information.


Hello, I tried validating my Player card, but the (player/iframe) does not display, only the title/description shows. I want to know if the (player/iframe) is supposed to display before approval, or if it only displays on the validator after approval.
Many Thanks!
Here’s my link


It looks like you have a problem in your iframe, when I visit I see this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ']' in /home/gospelph/public_html/iframeplayer.php on line 3


Wow, thank you. I have now corrected the syntax.
This is the new link i have just submitted for approval, I would be glad if you can look through.


Looks ok on the web (although you are missing a robots.txt file on your site). I have not tested on Android and iOS. The outcome of the approval process depends on the player working on all of the supported platforms, so bear that in mind. There’s full information on testing your Player card in the documentation, I’m afraid I don’t have the time to do that for you :smile:


@andypiper We added a robots.txt and fixed the codec meta data (not sure if that matters for approval) but when I resubmitted I got this:

I’m not sure what “whitelist request for failed” means…

@jbulava did you happen to hear anything from the approval team? Really appreciate the help gentlemen.


The service must have been down temporarily. It looks like you were able to submit it a few hours later, although resulting in another rejection. The team that handles approvals said they would take another look after resubmitting, so I’ll see if they have more information.