Player card rejected | Doesn't load on Android devices



I’m trying to get my player card approved and the support team has rejected my submission claiming it doesn’t load on Android devices. I have an android phone for testing purposes and the twitter:player URL loads appropriately. What are you seeing that is making my submission to fail on your android device? You can see my card url at


I’m trying this on a Nexus 5 right now with latest Chrome.

The player URL loads / renders a player on Android, but the video content doesn’t play.

The streaming URL you’ve included doesn’t work at all on desktop, which is likely to be another problem. You’re missing a couple of characters in the URL which causes it to return 404.


Thanks for the fast reply! I made a change to the url and it now loads for me on all platforms. If it doesn’t load for you on your Nexus 5, then I’m lost for why this isn’t loading. I’ve attempted to make this very basic to ensure it loads on all platforms. Can you take another look to see if we are getting the same results now?


Certainly works for me on desktop but I cannot get the player to play anything on Android :-/

I’ve run through the remote debugger on Chrome to my Nexus 5 and don’t see any errors. I cannot even get the direct video URL to the MP4 file to play in Chrome on Android.

A couple of additional points:

  • you have an empty attribute / additional " in the source tag on the video
  • Twitter cards require that your content is loaded over HTTPS, it looks like yours does not allow that


I also just noticed you are specifying content-type of audio/mp4 which I don’t think can be correct?


Great catch on the empty attribute! My entire site is loaded over HTTPS and all my meta tags contain HTTPS as well. I hope the empty attribute change and my typo of “audio” instead of “video” will fix this for Andriod. If this is still not working for you then is it because of the the twitter:player:stream tag? Maybe that’s the culprit for Andriod? It looks like that is optional from the documentation, so it would be fine with me if the twitter:player opens it in the browser.

I can’t thank you enough for your time spent debugging this with me.


So I resubmitted the player card and I was rejected again for the same reason as it doesn’t load on Android. I have followed the documentation and debugged this thing like crazy, but with no success in getting whitelisted. What else could you suggest for a solution to fix this for Android?

Reasons for palyer card to not load on Android devices