Player Card: Redirect link for image showing black thumbnail


Hi, in my twitter card, the twitter:image contains a link which redirects to an image. I have tested thoroughly and it seems as though we need to provide a direct link to an image to get it to work. Could someone please confirm this? Thank you!


Yes, and it should be a fully qualified URL with http/s protocol prefix, and not blocked by robots.txt.


User-agent: Twitterbot

This is what robots.txt is supposed to look like correct? Anything else you think could cause this problem? Thanks!


That looks fine. What is the value you’re passing in for twitter:image and is it a valid file?


the twitter:image redirects to a image. Could that be the issue? I saw that youtube uses just straight image urls. As of now, it looks like this -


Yes the issue here is that the URL you’ve provided actually returns an HTML body (as well as the redirect header) and that the redirect is to a relative URL, not an absolute one including the protocol prefix. Annoyingly, the fetcher is pretty finicky about this.

Two things to try:

  • change the redirect to include the http: prefix on the cdn relative link
  • avoid the redirect altogether (which is obviously not ideal, as you lose the benefit of the CDN)

I have a hunch the first option will work, but if not, try the second. In both cases though, bear in mind the 7 day cache on the cards crawler, so things may not resolve straight away.


Okay sounds good! 7 day cache can’t be avoided? Thanks!


There’s some troubleshooting tips about how to try to force a refresh, but it’s a common cause of issues.


Okay, thank you for the help!!


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