Player card. Problem


Hi. Could you please, help me to figure out the issue I faced with.

  1. There is a website this site will have subdomains and video. For example . There is no video on the main domain. How can I pass validation in white list for domain http://*
  2. The link It displays according an instruction all devices. ( Validator gives the following answer :

I received the following answer on my question:


We’re writing to inform you that a request from this account to have a Player Card whitelisted on our Platform has been rejected per our policies (, specifically:
• Test your experience across all Twitter clients, including Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps, as well as and Cards that do not work in all Twitter clients listed will not be approved. Your card loads on desktop and Android, but not on iOS. Testing instructions are available here:

Once these issues have been resolved, please resubmit your Player Card to our Validator. Once submitted, one of our team members will review it for compliance.

Twitter Platform Operations
Reference #ref:00DA0000000K0A8.500G000000hIhN7:ref

Is there anything I do wrong?