Player Card passing validation but not showing properly


Description of issue:
My widget isn’t playing properly in the Player Card (where the player should be, I see a white space).
Card validator is not showing any errors (screen shot n°1). When I click on the play button on the card preview, the content of my page is not showing above the thumbnail with title and description (screen shot n°2). It’s weird though because I can hear the audio content of my widget playing once I’ve clicked on the play button. I just can’t see it.

Screen shot n°1
Screen shot n°2

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I read all I could get on my problem, including this post which seems to be similar to mine.
Unfortunately, no solution was given here.

I posted a topic about this previously, but I wasn’t able to provide a public URL at the time. I hope you will be able to help me now that I have one.

Thank you.


Giving it a little up. Any ideas Twitter support?


Please do not tag individual staff members on posts - we all have different skill sets and schedules and this is a community support forum, not a direct support channel.

Have you had a chance to review this annoucement? It may contain some useful information to help you troubleshoot this issue.


Hey there. I apologize for the tag, I’ve been impatient. Didn’t mean to be rude.

I did check the announcement, but nothing came up. The curl request is showing a 200 status, and everything is working when I change the twitter:card meta to summary (images fetching doesn’t seem to be the issue).
I actually think there is something wrong with the way our player URL is treated. I tried to validate the following URL, which has a working player :
Once I clicked on the preview, the soundcloud player showed up normally. Then I replaced their source URL by ours, and our player showed up as it should in the first place. I don’t know if it’s helping. Here is a little GIF.


Hi @DjangoOutplayed - Thanks for this information. Let me look into this and I’ll get back to you when I have a better sense of what’s going on here.


Hi @DjangoOutplayed - I think the fundamental issue here is that player cards are primarily intended to render videos and not audio podcasts. When you see a card from Soundcloud or Apple it renders differently because they have access to a special card format that is available only to them.

What you are seeing is to be expected when you share an audio podcast on Twitter web. You’ll find that on mobile the card redirects to your website.


Hi @Aurelia

I’m very surprised of your answer, because some Podcasts render properly in Twitter cards, and they are not from Soundcloud or Apple.
For example, a tweet with Pippa :


Hi @pierrocknroll - The original poster was asking about the particular way that their site is configured, and comparing to a Soundcloud Tweet. That uses a different card type. It is possible to build a player card that will play audio, but that is not the primary use of the player card.


OK @Aurelia
So how would you build a player card that plays audio ?
The original poster seems to have issues to do it. What should he modify to get his solution working ?



@pierrocknroll - this is not something that we officially support and so I’m afraid that I can’t help you.


@Aurelia Mind you please take a look at this Card image can't fetch by validator related topic?

I appreciate your help.


That’s a different topic @farsad_gh - appreciate you’re looking to get a response, but please don’t cross-post. Thanks.

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