Player Card passing validation but not showing properly


Description of issue:
My widget isn’t playing properly in the Player Card (where the player should be, I see a white space).
Card validator is not showing any errors (screen shot n°1). When I click on the play button on the card preview, the content of my page is not showing above the thumbnail with title and description (screen shot n°2). It’s weird though because I can hear the audio content of my widget playing once I’ve clicked on the play button. I just can’t see it.

Screen shot n°1
Screen shot n°2

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I read all I could get on my problem, including this post which seems to be similar to mine.
Unfortunately, no solution was given here.

I posted a topic about this previously, but I wasn’t able to provide a public URL at the time. I hope you will be able to help me now that I have one.

Thank you.


Giving it a little up. Any ideas Twitter support?