Player Card on mobile should, at minimum, render like a Summary Card



Twitter’s choice not to render any form of preview for Player Cards on mobile is putting us in a very tough place.

On one hand, the Player Card experience on desktop is excellent. The card preview is visually engaging, and the ability to supply an inline player is excellent. When you see a tweet of our app in the timeline, it’s clear that the link is for a podcast, and the play button overlay makes it clear that you can listen to it inline. Bravo, Twitter.

On the other hand, the Player Card experience on mobile is abysmal. When you see the same tweet from our app in the timeline, there’s merely a truncated URL with no preview whatsoever. There’s no visual hints that tapping into the tweet detail screen will render a proper summary — to the contrary, the lack of any metadata for the link makes it appear dead, making it easy to overlook.

Our Player Card tweets are garnering next-to-no engagement from mobile users because they lack any kind of visual distinction. This puts us in a weird position, where we have to consider two sub-optimal courses of action:

  1. Keep the Player Card, which is great on desktop but absymal on mobile.
  2. Switch to a Summary Card, which will render nicely on both mobile and desktop, but will not support inline playback.

We’re leaning towards the latter, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s no obvious reason why Twitter can’t just render something akin to the Summary Card for Player Card URLs on mobile. A Player Card provides all of the metadata required for a Summary Card, and this would at least display an image, title, and description for the URL that has been pasted in the tweet.

I’d really appreciate it if you could consider this request (and I’m not the first to make it) and, if you reject it, let us know whether you endorse switching to Summary Cards to boost mobile engagement.

CC: @trevin, because you had the same complaint
CC: @andypiper, because you seem to be the Twitter point-of-contact for cards

URL affected (must be public):

(Here are a couple examples.)


Bump, @andypiper, in case you missed this.


I’m just going to keep replying to keep this open.

It’s a real disappointment that the time I’ve taken to clearly explain my concerns has been met with complete silence from Twitter staff, whereas a number of other questions that can be answered with a simple link to the docs receive quick answers from said staff.

What’s the point of a developers forum if not to go beyond what is already clearly explained in the docs?


Hello @jamesreggio

I apologize for the delayed response. While we do make the attempt to address all topics on the forums, we can’t always get around to everything. It will not help to tag specific Twitter staff also, so please refrain from doing this.

I personally don’t have much visibility into the cards world so I can’t specifically address this ticket to the degree that you would like. However, I can make sure to reach out to a few folks who might have the right answer for you.

I appreciate you taking the time to write up this thorough description of your pain point. More to come soon.


Thank you for the acknowledgement, LeBraat. Looking forward to the follow-up.


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