Player Card not showing properly (blank instead of player)



Description of issue:
My widget isn’t playing properly in the Player Card (where the player should be, I see a white space). I got all meta-datas fetched correctly and, strange point, I can hear audio content.

URL affected (must be public):
For some reasons I can’t give you the shared url. Here is some screenshots instead.
Cards validator, before clicking on thumbnail:


Troubleshooting steps attempted [note that we will not prioritise posts unless there is evidence of following the troubleshooting guides]:
I read all I could get on my problem, including this post which seems to be similar to mine :
Unfortunately, no solution was given here.

Here is my meta-datas :


Any help would be highly appreciable. Thank you!

Player Card passing validation but not showing properly

And here is a screenshot from card validator, after clicking on the thumbnail :


At this point, I can hear my audio content playing.


Unfortunately without a URL to check it is not possible to assist further.


Hi Andy,

Thank you for your reply. The project I’m working on is not online yet. And for obvious security matters, we do not want to let our internal test server public. Is it possible to talk with you in a more private way? It’s not an issue for us to share our internal server URL if it’s only available for you.

Regards, Antoine


There’s no way to support Twitter Card markup beyond these forums.

We’ve published reference documentation on the developer website, and we’ve provided troubleshooting documentation.

This is the only debugging information that we @TwitterDev can provide and we have extremely limited ability to support free uses of the platform as you’re describing. Thank you.


Hi andy,

I am not asking for extra support or anything of this kind. The only thing that differentiates my case from another one on this forum is that I can’t post an URL publicly.
Are you sure there is no workaround?

Regards, Antoine

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