Player Card not showing inline on Mobile Twiiter App Timelines


To whom it may concern:

The player card which we have implemented has been approved. However, when tweeted from the official Twitter mobile app and other twitter mobile applications such as tweetcaster, the Card does not show up inline. From the browser though, the Card shows up inline.

The interesting thing is, from within all of the twitter mobile applications, Cards from other twitter users display properly on the timeline. We cannot narrow down why our card does not show on mobile but shows properly within the card validator as well as from a browser.

As depicted within the photos, the card from another user, WNYC, shows up as one would expect, inline. However, our card, as shown in photo #2, displays a play button in the top right corner of the tweet which if clicked takes the user to a separate twitter landing page. We would like the Card media to to be displayed and shown inline without a URL reference just as the WNYC user tweet does. Any ideas as to why our card simply displays our URL and does not show the media as playable/clickable inline?

The meta card URL we are using:

Thanks @joncipriano for the informative reply. I have a particular use case where we need to only share an audio clip. Since it is not possible (currently) to display such inline using cards, is this something which can be implemented via the APIs? The API layer was our first attempt but it currently returns an ‘unrecognized format’ response whenever audio is sent over. We have also attempted audio card implementations, to no avail as they too do not show inline. Any ideas as to how this can be accomplished with Twitter? We would love to integrate with Twitter…


Hi @FluidDev, Player Cards currently do not display their contents in timeline. Only in the Tweet details view. Stay tuned for future card updates regarding this.

Other videos (i.e. that WNYC Tweet) you see in the timeline are native to Twitter and hosted on our CDN. Those videos were either uploaded to Twitter with the app or uploaded using the API.