Player Card not showing image on iPhone App



Per the documentation

On Twitter’s iPhone and Android native apps, a Player Card initially
appears as the image preview (specified via twitter:image) with a “play”
icon over it.

However, my posts are not showing my image until I click on the post. My site has been whitelisted.

Is this the expected behavior?


Yes I think so, once you click that Tweet, the video preview should appear, I think.


@ePirat, Thanks for your response. However, the documentation suggests that the video preview should appear in your stream when viewed in the iOS or Android app.


I suspect the docs are incorrect, maybe @andypiper can clarify this?


Thanks for the ping, @ePirat!

Player Cards do not currently appear in the timeline; only show a preview on the tweet detail.

The only indication on the timeline is the “play” icon in the top-right.


Thanks @rchoi.

This isn’t overly clear in the documentation (

I would suggest clarifying the expected behavior.

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