Player Card metadata validation


I have reapplied for approval of the the Twitter Player card for and each time I have received an email stating the URL does not contain valid metadata. However, when I validate the Player Card for my URL it shows that we have all of the correct metadata in place. Can you advise as to what I am doing wrong so that we can be validated?


Hi @Zaptones,

Replied in your other post. Your page has no twitter Card meta tags.


Hi Ryan,
The twitter card validator checks out. Are their specific tags that we are missing?

For example:


<meta naem=“twitter:player:stream” content=“” %>
<meta naem=“twitter:player:stream:content_type” content=“audio/mpeg” %>

I reorganized them slightly just in case.


Your twitter:player:stream and twitter:player:stream:content_type tags are incorrect: “naem” should be “name” and the meta tag should end with > not %>.


Well, that’s embarrassing. Fixed. Let me know if you need anything else.


I just reapplied for Twitter Player Card after adding the metadata tags. Let me know if there is anything else missing at this point.


I reapplied for Twitter Player Cards and we have made all of the adjustments to our metadata tags. However, I just received an email saying that our metadata is not valid. Can you advice us as to what we are missing from our metadata?


Our URL is validated and shows we have all the necessary meta tags after we added in our meta tags last week. However, I just received an email today stating that our metadata is not valid. Can you advice us as to what we are missing from our metadata?


Feedback for @Zaptones from our review team: "Zaptones submitted a bunch of times without a play button. Clicking the image doesn’t work either. "


Yes, we did not have the meta data tags included in our cards, but we have fixed that with the help from you and your colleague. I have just reapplied today with the correct meta data tags that include a play button and image. The validator shows that we have all ‘green lights’ for every tag so we shouldn’t be missing anything at this point. Thank you for your help and please let me know if are missing anything to be submitted.


It shows that our Player Card has been approved on the validator site, but I have not received an email confirming?