Player card: meta tags not found


Hi. I’m suddenly receiving the WARN: No metatags found error for my player card in the card validator (and the cards have stopped working). I’m asking for help here after looking through the troubleshooting tips and dev threads about this issue.


  • example url that fails:

  • running curl -A Twitterbot appears to succeed (i.e. I see all meta-tags and the complete page output).

  • I can see Twitter pinging my server from for the address above and getting 201 in response.

  • example url with the same contents (but the asset was created last August) that SUCCEEDS:

In other words, newly created assets are failing, older assets are working. They are served per request via dynamically generated template so they’re identical (except the url itself). Card validator appears to fetch a fresh copy of whatever i.e this doesn’t seem like it would be a Twitter-side cache thing right?

I’m completely bewildered. LOL. Any help debugging this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

(If I lost my card because my site is annoying - no problem - just let me know.)


I think this must be the 201 response. The crawler is expecting a 200 response, and because it sees something else (201 in this case) it doesn’t actually grab the page content to look at the tags.


Yes that was it, thank you so much for the quick response! Super helpful.


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