Player Card guidelines updates


We have updated some of our [node:15976] guidelines. Here is a quick overview:

  • Cards should be marked as TRUE for “sensitive media” when necessary
  • Sound should be muted by default if video automatically plays content
  • Videos greater than 10 seconds in length must not auto-play
  • Player Cards must not have non-standard buttons or banners outside the video or audio player
  • Player Cards must not have non-standard interactivity that are unrelated to viewing or listening to Player Card content

Developers must not circumvent the intended use of a Player Card, these Cards are for linear playback of audio or video content only. We have relaxed our stance on commingling sharing options to other networks. Please use this thread for comments or questions.

July 8, 2013


“We have relaxed our stance on commingling sharing options to other networks.” What were the old restrictions and what are the new ones?


The old policy stated “Do not: Commingle sharing features from other networks inside your player.” Our new policy is that “If the media player includes sharing to third-party networks, you must provide an option to share to Twitter.” So we have have relaxed the restriction against commingled sharing to other networks, provided Twitter is one of the options.

Thanks for your question!
Twitter Platform Operations


How do we check status updates for a player card application?


I have validated a card. The card itself says it’s ok, but the validator says the domain is not approved, but I cannot press the button “Request approval”? I tried to authorize from my account at “@Anywhere domains”, it says is authoirzed. No luck - still does not validate, same error. (I have checked Robots.txt)

This is my card.

Any advice?


Do you have to have a creditable amount of followers to be approved? Really just looking to test it out :slight_smile:


Twitterbot/1.0 is hitting my image file according to my Latest Visitors table in my cPanel.

So why does the image file always break in the Twitter Cards validator even though there is a green dot next to the image link?

My website address is:

We need to give this matter our full attention until a resolution is found.

I see Twitter Cards do work for some Twitter users, so why not for me!?!


I have two problems, one: after approving twitter cards it doesn´t work and second: my tweets are not appearing when I look for the hashtag :frowning:


I just checked your markup, you need to fix these two lines to remove the “id” in your content value, from

meta name=“twitter:app:id:iphone” content="id560880721"
meta name=“twitter:app:id:ipad” content=“id560880721”


meta name=“twitter:app:id:iphone” content="560880721"
meta name=“twitter:app:id:ipad” content=“560880721”

This should fix it.


Anyone can apply, no restrictions.


Please provide the link to a specific page where you have the Cards markup.


Please provide the link to a specific page where you have the Cards markup.


Looks good no error but how long should we wait to get approved a player card ?
The first card was in a week so quite fast .
Happy that you “relaxed our stance on commingling sharing options” so FB share is fine on the player ?
If its not video can it autoplay photo + sound ?

or did i miss something, it plays Swf Photoplayer
Here is the Player markup for the test card
Thanx for the help



We have been waiting for a very long time to get our player card validated without any feedback (except for a message saying we had been approved for Summary and Photo cards if my memory serves correct).

Here’s a link to the actual card page:

And the page where the markup can be seen:

Can you let us know when we should expect to be approved as we have been waiting for months now, or if there any issues let us know what’s wrong with our implementation?

Thanks, Rhys.

#15 data from filled and approved. But does not seem to tweets. I waited 3 weeks still did not resolve please help !!!


Hi, I submitted for a Twitter player card for approval 3 weeks ago and have not heard the status of the approval yet. Today, when I tried to input the same URL into the validator and it returned an error: “Invalid card type.” I was successful in validating and submitting the URL 3 weeks ago. What went wrong?

The URL that I used:

Thank you.


Do you have a link to a tweet where you expect to see a card? Everything looks fine to me, tested successfully.


I just tried it and I am indeed getting a 15 seconds time out error from your server the first time, but trying once again worked. So the validation looks good. As far as the approval process, this can take several weeks.


our links validate, but it still shows the message “ approval pending”

sample link:

“Once your page has been validated, you can request final approval for your card” - I can not find out where to do this? Thanks very much.



Hey guys,
Forgive the question that is likely answered somewhere. Search on discussions is down.

Is there a way I can publish an unapproved Twitter player card to test the various scenarios? i.e. if I share a URL into Twitter that has the required meta tags, will it publish the player card for me? Or do I need formal approval to publish a player card?