Player Card autoplay enabled/disabled


I’ve followed the guidelines to make a Twitter Player Card for my website. Because the videos I’ll be sharing are longer than 10 seconds the videoplayer (in the iframe) will not automatically start

The card is approved for my domain and it is working pretty good. The only issue I find is that people have to click twice to start the video. First there’s the preview image with the white play icon in the middle.
When this is clicked, the iframe is loaded, but it (as per the guidelines) doesn’t autoplay.
So the user has to click another time on the player to make it play.

When I try this same action with a video from Youtube or Vimeo, it starts playing right after clicking on the preview-image. When inspecting the source I see that ?autoplay=1 is added to the embed url. When inspecting the <meta> tags of these pages, this ?autoplay=1 is nowhere to be found.

I’m assuming this is somehow added automatically by Twitter?

Please let me know how I can achieve this same ‘autoplaying’ behaviour as Youtube and Vimeo.



We are running into this exact issue. There is no good way for us to detect that the media preview image has been displayed before the player iframe, so there is no way for us to instead autoplay our video once loaded. Is there maybe a separate meta tag for displaying content when behind the automatic media preview that isn’t documented?


This is happening on our domain as well. The twimg preview image is loading on the homepage and on profile pages, but not on search pages.

This was not the case when we implemented the cards a few months ago.

Can you please advise how to fix it like YouTube and Vimeo have done?


Is there a twitter dev who can give us a hand with this issue?


@zeti_sam, @TCampaigne, @stuartfaz, can you all reply with:

  1. A URL with the the player card meta data implemented.
  2. Example permalink to a Tweet with your player card.

I am familiar with this issue. Just a heads up that it may take some time to get a resolution or an update for this specific issue. Thanks for hanging in there in advance while this is triaged against other issues.


URL with player card metadata here:

Tweet with player card here:

Thanks for looking into this!


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

You can find the URL with player card metadata here:

And this is a tweet with the link:

Thanks for looking into this!


@zeti_sam and @TCampaigne would you mind following me on Twitter at @joncipriano so I can DM you? We are discussing a potential solution that we would like to run by you.

Once we come to a solution I’ll post the results here, so the rest of the community can reference it.



@joncipriano sent you a note to see that we can find a workaround for the double-click requirement for our player card.


Hi @OfficeMixTeam, we have some potential fixes in the queue. I would love to get your feedback in regards to it. I replied via DM with my contact info.

Tracked as internally as CK-651.


Hi @joncipriano, we’d love to be involved in testing these workarounds too. Just followed you on twitter.


Hi @joncipriano, we would also like to be involved, @NeuLionDev now following you, please let us know of any changes.


@joncipriano - Hi! Did you find a solution for this? Thanks!