Player card approval requested before all assets were HTTPS; fixed now, request again?


I submitted my first request for adding a Player card a few days ago (Friday?) but pressing “play” resulted in non-HTTPS assets. I didn’t realize this until after I sent the request for approval. I’ve since fixed this. My card is still pending approval. Would an initial not-all-HTTPS cause the request approval to be delayed? Or is a few days+ common for approvals for player card requests?

Example URL to be validated:

Underlying reason for problems initially was that we had an HTTPS URI for our hosted media (mp3) but somewhere behind the scenes our media hosting company was redirecting to a non-HTTPS URI but only in some cases. This issue was fixed with the media hosting provider so this non-secure redirect no longer happens.


Please re-use the validator and re-submit for approval.


@rchoi I don’t get the option anymore. It just says “* whitelist request for player card is pending approval” and I don’t see the option to resubmit. Happy to do so, though!


How do I re-submit for approval? I still only see the message that says it is pending.


I’m also facing the same problem. This is my url and keep getting error .


At some point in the last four or five hours my site was silently whitelisted.


Sorry for the delay, and not communicating. we had the team look at it for whitelisting.



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