Player card appears but without thumbnail



I have been adjusting the meta tags and the player card is now rendering to play the video.

But the thumbnail is just shown as the black placeholder even though the image tag has been added, originally it looked like this needed to be a .PNG which i changed to but the problem is still happening and the image in question is under the 1mb limit.

Is there anything that could cause this? The thumbnail i’m trying to use is not square.

Example URL:


The problem here is that you’re trying to use a thumbnail that is being served from a firebase domain, and blocks all robots from accessing content below the root.

FWIW this issue came up for someone else about a month ago. I’m not aware of a better solution right now.


Unfortunately, Firebase has no timeline for fixing this issue. You could try Google Cloud Storage instead or use another cloud storage platform. I’m currently using Cloudinary.


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