Platform Version Segmentation Question




We have developed our application and now we’re trying to implement PLATFORM_VERSION segmentation.

As I read in the documentation:

A comma-separated string of platform version identifiers to scope targeting to on this line item.

If I follow this explanation, in order to target devices with minimum Android SO 4.1 I need to do something like “platoform_versions=XX1,XX2,XX3” (with real codes)

But if I check a real campaign created throught Twitter Ads UI I see that if I want to target devices with a bigger platform version than Ice Cream Sandwich (for android) I get this targeting_criteria:

{ "line_item_id":"4jag3", "name":"Ice Cream Sandwich", "id":"7XXXX", "account_id":"18XXXX", "created_at":"2016-03-04T14:32:29Z", "targeting_value":"h", "updated_at":"2016-03-04T14:32:29Z", "deleted":false, "targeting_type":"PLATFORM_VERSION" }

I don’t know if the comma-separated is only in order to target minimum version for Android and iOS

Hopefully someone can help.



Hi @hector_borras! Actually, the docs are incorrect here. I’ve noticed this for myself. That platform_versions field actually holds the minimum version only.

Also, please note that platforms and platform_versions cannot go together if for the same platform (platform_versions implies platform). This was established in another topic, and I don’t know / don’t remember / didn’t check if they updated the docs since then.


Thank you very much @majoritasdev that makes sense for me, because I don’t see any “platform” segmentation. Thanks for the advice!!!



You’re welcome, @hector_borras! Glad I could help. :slight_smile: