We have a twitter feed embedded into a landing page for wifi networks. Ever since IOS7, the page fully loads and then is redirected to

Anyone else seeing this?


Does not do this on Android platforms.


Recreated the widget to make sure I had not borked anything and still happens. As far as I can tell, only on IOS 7 slide up login screen post auth. Landing page fully loads and then a sudden redirect to


Thanks for reporting; we’ll investigate this.


I don’t have any such problem on iOS 7 on the pages I looked.
Do you have a public page that has that problem?


It does not do it when you view the page from Safari - only in the slide up browser when at a hotspot.


To make sure nothing was conflicting I created a new html page with nothing in it but the Twitter widget code. Same result - page completely loads and is redirected to

If I hit the back button to reload the landing page it does not do it again - only on the first loading of the page.


The title of the page on is “Twitter Widget Log Helper”


To make sure that our post auth redirect was not causing an issue, I created a blank html page with a 2 second meta refresh in it pointing to the landing page with the Twitter widget in it. Same thing as before, it gets a second redirect to


Twitter? Anyone?


Nevermind - I setup an app to fix it.


I don’t have IOS7


Apologies for responding to such an old thread, but I would tend to believe this is similar to what is described here - I have seen this behavior on iOS7 as well.