"placement_type" key is not there in the response of https://ads-api.twitter.com/0/accounts/accout_id/line_items



Till yesterday https://ads-api.twitter.com/0/accounts/accout_id/line_items?count=100

I am getting “placement_type” key in the response but from yesterday I am not getting that…is there any change in api


As of the 22nd of April 2015, the placement_type attribute has been deprecated; you can see the relevant note in our recent changes docs and our Tweet sent out a few days later; be sure to follow the @AdsAPI account to keep up to date with any Ads API related changes.

You should not rely on placement_type, instead you should be making use of product_type and placements together.


Thanks @andrs for quick reply …
One question here …now in my response I got product_type’:‘PROMOTED_TWEETS’ and placements’: ‘TWITTER_TIMELINE’

Previously I am getting values for placement_type like PROMOTED_TWEETS_FOR_TIMELINES or PROMOTED_TWEETS etc.

so here what should be the placement type value should i combine both like

product_type for placement will be PROMOTED_TWEETS_FOR_TIMELINES
product type will be PROMOTED_TWEETS


Have a look at our GET line_items/placements endpoint which will give you all the valid combinations for placements and product_type, this should make things clearer for you :slightly_smiling:

Also, have a look at our Ads Enumerations docs; have a look at placements and product_type (roughly halfway through that page) to see what each option refers to exactly.


I have noticed that in docs its mentioned that placement_type is deprecated on POST only …but i am trying GET here …is it deprecated for GET also.