Place a twitter timeline widget inside iframe?


So, I’ve got this blog on tumblr and in the sidebar it has 4 bubbles. heres the link

The bubbles are hover and expand, and one of them is the ask bubble(on tumblr folks can ask questions) and its in an iframe and I’ve been going off of that and using it as a model in an attempt to embed my twitter timeline within the similar bubble hover expanding thing.

This is the ask code(theres spaces around the arrows because it wouldnt view without it on here?)
< div id=“linkss3”> < br>< font face=“origin”>< font size=“2”>ask< /font>< /font> < br>< br> < center>
< iframe frameborder=“0” width=“297” id=“ask_form” scrolling=“yes” src=“{Name}” width=“100%”>< /iframe>< !–[if IE]><mce:script type=“text/javascript”><! document.getElementById(‘ask_form’).allowTransparency=true; // -->< !–[endif] -->< /p>
< /center>
< /div>

So now I’ve been trying to do the same thing, but with my twitter timeline. I have tried so many different things and have written and rewritten it in an attempt to figure it out. I have literally tried a million different things but at this point im just gonna post the code of an iframe tag with my twitter widget inside. i know that that wouldnt work but I’m out of ideas so thats simple:

< div id=“linkss5”> < br>< font size=“2”>twitter< /font>< /font> < br>< br> < center>
< iframe border=“0” width=“300” id=“twitter-timeline” scrolling=“yes”
< a class=“twitter-timeline” data-width=“300” data-height=“200” href=“”>Tweets by homesickthug< /a> < script async src="//" charset=“utf-8”>< /script>
< /iframe>
< /div>

i know that code within the iframe wouldnt work but ive searched the internet and cant find anything
Much help would be appreciated. Thank you!!!


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