Pictures from my post do not display on twitter/


Many of my featured images do not display on twitter. twitter is the only site that I have this problem with… I used card validator which did display the image but gave me this message." is whitelisted for summary card"
Even after running the validator my image will not display…

Pls help…

Gary Robett


Check our pinned troubleshooting post for things to check.


I did see this problem addressed but it was never solved. .“ is whitelisted for summary card” is the msg and I have no idea what it’s telling me… lol!


Can you provide a few URLs that do not display images correctly in the summary card? I tried a few of your article URLs and they worked as expected.

#5 Though this pic is displayed on card validator, the picture does not show on twitter…


Here is another one that doesn’t display image on Twitter…


Just Tweeted both of these links and the images show as expected on Twitter. Can you provide links to Tweets where no image is showing for these links?


was this issue ever resolved? I have the same issue where the images are not displaying however on occasions the images are displaying.
My twitter account is macarthurgigs