PHP video upload form appears behind twitter window


I have a website which allows users to upload videos. When the “video upload” form is loaded it appears behind the twitter window that I have embedded into my website, I thought this would be a z-index issue or similar to wmode = “opaque” but cannot figure it out. Any ideas?


Would be nice if you could you share more details, otherwise it will be hard for developers to give you suggestions.

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Hi Arnaud,

I’m not real savvy with PHP so I’m not sure what details to add to the above.

I have added the twitter script into my html code to display a small twitter box which shows my tweets. When I load the PHP form it appears behind the twitter feed window. (please see and click “Video Upload Form” at the bottom of the page). I had a similar issue with Youtube and this was fixed by adding wmode = “opaque” to the youtube script, now I just need the same for this twitter issue.

If you can help that would be much appreciated!!



Just define a z-index for your div.
For example, add z-index: 1000; in its style attribute


yo solo se que no se nada


just try ur self throgh the html wmv