PHP examples Phirehose lib dont work for me


i test a lot of code and still dont get it cmon need help please.

for example this easy code:


// Debemos incluir la librería Phirehose

// Clase que accede al stream de twitter
class MyStream extends Phirehose 


 protected $all_tweets_count = 0;   

 public function enqueueStatus($status)   

 $data = json_decode($status, true);
 // Contamos los tweets     

    if ( isset( $data['user']['lang'] ) )
      if ($data['user']['lang'] == "es") 
       // simplemente imprime por pantalla los tweets
       print $data['text']."\n";

// Insertar aquí vuestros login y password
$stream = new MyStream('xxxxxxx','xxxxxx');

and yes i put my userID and pass…
i have my lib folder with Phirehose…