PHP api library for 1.1


There doesnt seem to be any PHP api for 1.1. The Libraries page is completely out of date. I’m not sure if any of them support 1.1 in any language and all the Javascript ones should be deleted.

Facebook provides a PHP api


I’ve used a lot of the PHP API libraries, and they all allow you to enter the API version as part of the URL. For example, change:

That’s all it takes to make it work with the 1.1 API. You’ll also have to verify that the data returned is the same structure/member names as for 1.0, but that is independent of the library.


Doesn’t work with twitter-async for me. I get {“errors”:[{“message”:“Bad Authentication data”,“code”:215}]} if is set the api to 1.1 with exactly the same params, which are valid.

There is a slight contradiction in Twitter relying on the goodwill of the dev community to provide and update apis while creating new guidelines to restrict what the dev community can do. Providing a new PHP api ready for 1.1 would be a nice gesture



abraham-twitteroauth seems to work if you change line 21 of twitteroauth.php to:

public $host = “”;


try this


Codebird works:


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