Photos tweeted by users or photos from public tweets by #hashtag


I know questions like that have been previously asked but most of the discussions are very old. That’s why I decided to try asking again.

Basically I need to pull all photos tweeted by specific Twitter @users that a @user using my app is following. Also I need to be able to get tweeted photos by #hashtag. By browsing the documentation I did not seem to find API endpoints that do this job on either of the 2 features I am trying to implement. Is there any way of achieving that by some “master” way of using the API or some advanced tricks?

I can always try to pull all tweets either by @user or #hashtag and then filter till I get the desired number of photos but this seems like a real bad approach. Practically I can go through hundreds of tweets till I get the desired number of photos I need so this will lead to a horrible UX that is not an option.

Thanks in advance and I hope this thread can turn out useful to other people!