Photo links not embedded correctly for last 24 hours or so - appears it was just fixed?


It appears this was a temporary issue that has just been fixed, however just wanting to document in case it pops up again.

Starting yesterday afternoon sometime, whenever our app would Tweet out photo links they started just displaying as the link as you can see illustrated in this example below instead of being embedded nicely into the Tweet (which was happening previously):

Thought we were going to have to re-do some of our code to fix this - but I’m guessing it was just a temporary bug in the API which I can confirm has now been fixed back to normal as you can see in the example below (you will have to click on the timestamps to view the full tweet to see the correct photo embed result)

I guess my main question is should I expect this behavior to stay consistent going forward or are their some changes being made on how the photo urls are embedded which might break this again in the future?

(Looking at the preview pane, I immediately do notice a subtle difference between the two tweets above - the working one’s image URL is whereas the non-working one is just… - perhaps this might have been a related issue?)

Thanks for any insights! :smile: