Photo gallery of our fans/followers experience with a product


First I am new to the twitter platform and unfortunately my first requirement seems a bit complex.

My client, an hotel, wants to create a photo gallery in their website. This gallery will consist of guest experiences shared on twitter.
I don’t know if something like this is possible. Here is one scenario I have been thinking about:

  1. Twitter account A tweets a photo of his/her experience using a hashtag of let’s say #testhotel
  2. My code pulls all tweets filtered with media content and with hashtag #testhotel and stores them in a CMS or (…) for approval.
  3. Site admin approves the media and publishes it on the site.

Is something like this possible?
I am aware that a hashtag is not owned, therefore, user X might have used the same hashtag only to mention a different subject.
I am not sure if I can filter by media content only.
I am yet to figure out how to expose the pulled media to a monitoring stage in order to avoid spam and irrelevant content.

If the above is complex or not possible and there are other scenarios, it would be great if you care share them with me.

The client is not necessarily rigid about this requirement. We are brainstorming at this time, therefore, other scenarios are welcome as well.

Thank you in advance